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  • Is Smart Device: No
  • Shape: Round
  • Play Power: Hand Cranked
  • Tone Number: 78 Tones
  • Music Boxes Shape: Crystal Ball
  • Music: Castle in the Sky
  • Movement: Japanese Sankyo Movement
  • Material: Wood
  • Function: SWIVEL
  • Type: Hand-operated Type

Galaxy octave box

Each of us is a child of the universe. We were born in the sea of stars, and we will meet again in the sea of stars

Universe exploration series

Since people look up at the starry sky, human exploration of the universe has never stopped. The universe is vast and contains everything. It inspires human feelings about eternity, time and life. Every time we look at the universe, we always feel our own insignificance. Because of curiosity and desire for the universe, human beings invented manned spaceships, radio telescopes With the legends about aliens and UFOs, the development of modern space technology has made it a reality for human beings to enter space. With the help of super telescopes, we begin to see galaxies hundreds of millions of light-years away. Entering the 21st century, we are in an unprecedented era of space exploration. Space mining, alien migration, interstellar navigation and other once unreachable human dreams are becoming more and more possible. With great respect for this spirit of exploration, liangbai lumbo has developed a series of products of “Space Exploration Series”. In order to express our yearning for the universe, we pay homage to countless people who have made great efforts to explore the unknown world. For the unknown, we are always curious to explore and never stop

Design explanation

The music goes , the galaxy goes

When the movement of the music box starts to play musicThe stars and planets in the galaxy begin to move

The city of the sky / Spirited awayClassic music will follow

Three planets of different sizes and colorsIt’s always spinning around the star

A universe that belongs to you

Adopt Japanese Sanyo quality movementThe sound quality is pure and stableRelease your cosmic energy

you can freely combine the different positions of the planetsBuild your own galaxy .

Cherry wood and other log production , the longer the use timeThe darker the color of the wood , the better the lusterCultivate your own time capsule

Raw water makes it salty

Whether it’s the base of the music box or the rotating planet ,They are made of natural color logs

Music box base : Ebony
Star : cherry wood
Big Planet : Rosewood
Middle Planet : Green Sandalwood
Planet : Ebony

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